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FUT Champions Explained

How do I qualify for the FUT Champions Play-Offs?

In order to qualify for the FUT Champions Play-Offs, you will need to play Division Rivals in order to gain FUT Champions Qualification Points. Every match you play in Division Rivals, win, lose, or draw, will give you Qualification Points, and once you’ve gained the required 1,250 Qualification Points you need to qualify for the Play-Offs, you will automatically be entered into the current event.

Although you can enter the Play-Offs multiple times, there are a limited number of entries allowed per FUT Season, which for Season 1 is 7 entries, but the limit resets with the start of each new Season, which usually happens around every six weeks.


FUT Champions

Once you’ve ended your qualification run and claimed your rewards, you will be given a FUT Champions Qualification Token which you will use to enter the Finals. You can choose when to use your Qualification Token, so you don’t have to use it immediately, but when you do, it will enter you into the next available Champions Finals event, so make sure only use it when you’re ready to play your matches.

FUT Champions Play-Offs Explained

The FUT Champions Play-Offs is based on a points system, and you will need to amass 20 points in order to qualify for the FUT Champions Finals. Each win in the Play-Offs will give you 4 points, while a loss will give you 1 point, so you will need to win at least 4 matches in order to reach the 20-point threshold and qualify for the Finals.

Once you’ve reached the 20-point threshold, you can either end your run early and claim your Play-Off rewards and Finals Qualification Token immediately, or you can keep playing until you use up your 10-game limit.

The Play-Offs run all week, even over the weekend, so you can take part in it at any time you want.


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