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FUT Division Rivals Explained

What is Division Rivals?

Division Rivals is an online, seasonal competition with a skill-driven rank system where you can earn packs, coins, and FUT Champions Qualification Points on a weekly and Seasonal basis.
A Division Rivals week runs from Thursday to Thursday, while a Division Rivals Season runs for the duration of a FUT Season, which is usually about 6 weeks long. When a new FUT Season starts, everyone will be moved down from the Division that they finished the previous Season in so they can climb back up the Divisions again.

How does Division Rivals work?

Division Rivals is based on a ladder system, where you can move up and down the ladder based on the results of your matches.
There are 11 Divisions on the Division Rivals ladder. From Division 10, where everybody begins, to Division 1, and then the Elite Division after that, which is where the highest skilled players in Division Rivals compete.
Each Division has a number of Stages within it that you will need to get through before you can move up to the next Division.
  • Winning a match will move you up a Stage
  • Drawing a match will keep you on your current Stage
  • Losing a match may move you down a Stage
Winning two consecutive matches will start a Win Streak. While on a Win Streak, for each additional consecutive win, you’ll progress two Stages per win until you draw or lose a match.