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FUT Moments Explained

What are FUT Moments Stories?

You will start each FUT Moment by selecting a Story. FUT Moments Stories will be based on FUT Campaigns, Seasonal Themes, or real events in footballing history or from the present day. Some Stories will only be available for a short amount of time, so you will have to complete them before they expire, while other Stories will be available for the entire duration of FUT 23.

The Story in this example is called 'Rise of Mbappé', which recounts Mbappé's rise from his formative years at Monaco to the player we know today at PSG.

FUT Moments Stories


What are FUT Moments Chapters?

Within each Story, there will be a number of Chapters containing the Moments that you will need to complete.

When you first enter a Story, you will always have at least one Chapter unlocked, however, some other Chapters may be unavailable to you until you have earned enough FUT Stars in order to unlock them.

Here, in 'Rise of Mbappé', only Early Career starts unlocked, so you’ll need to make progress there first before you can unlock and play the rest.


FUT Moments Chapters



What are FUT Moments Challenges?

Within each Chapter are Moments, which are the individual scenarios you will be playing. Each Moment will contain up to three Challenges that you are required to perform in order to complete the chosen Moment. The Challenges will come with varying complexities, ranging from making a certain number of passes or scoring a goal within a certain amount of time, to scoring Free Kicks or performing certain Skill Moves before scoring.


FUT Moments - Challenge Widget


Each Moment will have three Reward Levels which will offer one to three FUT Stars respectively. You can start at the lowest Reward Level and work your way up, or you can try your hand at the highest Reward Level first to try to earn all 3 FUT Stars for that Moment in one go. Completing all Moments at all Reward Levels in a Chapter will provide you with bonus FUT Stars.

The different Reward Levels change the difficulty of the Challenge and can change elements such as the Squad Requirements, the maximum amount of time allowed to complete the Challenges, or the CPU AI Difficulty.


FUT Moments Difficulty


You won’t need to worry about completing the Challenges on the first attempt, though, as you’ll be able to replay it immediately. Furthermore, you will be able to replay any unlocked Moment at any time; however, you can only earn the associated FUT Stars from each of the Reward Levels once.