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FUT Moments Rewards

FUT Star Gallery

Completing FUT Moments and progressing through Chapters and Stories will earn you FUT Stars, the new currency that can be exchanged in the Moments Star Galley for rewards. FUT Stars do not expire and you can use them across Seasons in FUT 23.

FUT Moments Gallery

Once you’ve completed several Moments and collected plenty of FUT Stars, you can head to the FUT Star Gallery where you’ll find a variety of rewards such as Cards and Packs that you can purchase with your FUT Stars. Some of the rewards will be available throughout FUT 23, while some will only be available for a limited amount of time.

Some Moments may require you to use specific players in your Squad, but the Gallery will offer these players as Loans for 0 FUT Stars so you’ll be able to meet those Squad Requirements.


FUT Moments Gallery - Mbappe

If you would like to see footage of FUT Moments Challenges being completed, or just want more information about FUT Moments in general, head over to EA's FUT 23 Deep Dive.