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Squad Battles Explained

What is Squad Battles?

Squad Battles is a single-player game mode in FIFA Ultimate Team where you compete against CPU AI-controlled squads from the FUT community around the world in a weekly competition to earn rewards.

A Squad Battles week runs from Sunday to Sunday, and each week you will have a certain number of matches where you will try to earn as many Squad Battles Points as possible in order to climb up the leaderboard to unlock progressively better rewards. The more Points you earn, the higher the Rank you will finish in, and thus the better the rewards will be.

Although the rewards may not be as enticing or lucrative as they are in Division Rivals or Fut Champions, Squad Battles provides players with a way of adding a consistent source of coins and packs on a weekly basis, and acts as a refuge for those who don't enjoy the more competitive nature of the aforementioned online game modes.


Squad Battles Info


How do I earn Squad Battles Points?

Squad Battles Points are earned by simply playing and winning Squad Battles matches, but there is a limit on how many Squad Battles matches you can play each week.

In total, you will have only 40 Squad Battles matches in which you can earn Squad Battles Points each week, and any matches played beyond the 40-match limit will not count towards your Points total.

The 40 matches are split into 10 groups of 4, and each match will pit you against teams with varying Ratings and Chemistry. Once you have played against one of them, you have the option of refreshing the teams to give you 4 new matches to play if you feel the teams are beyond your skill level, however, you only have 9 refreshes available to you, so you will miss out on Points if you choose to refresh your opponents before you have played all 4 of the Squads available for you to play.


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You can also play against the Featured Squad of the week (which refreshes every Sunday) and the TOTW Squad (which refreshes every Wednesday), for Points too, but the scoring system for those games is based solely on which difficulty level you play the match on.





What determines how many Squad Battles Points I get?

The number of Points you can earn for each match is determined by the following:

  • The difficulty level you play the match on (which you decide on before you play it)
  • The rating of your opponent’s Squad
  • Your performance in the match

Choosing to face tougher opposition Squads on greater difficulties will bring with it more Points, however, if you play a match at a difficulty beyond your skill level and lose, you will only gain a small number of Points, so you will need to take that into consideration before entering the match. An example of how contrasting the number of coins you receive playing at different difficulty levels against the same team can be seen below:

Beginner Difficulty


Ultimate Difficulty

The amount of Squad Battle Points earned for playing a Featured Squad Battle or TOTW Squad match is not the same as you would earn for a normal Squad Battle match. Instead, the number of Points you earn is based on whether you win or lose the game, and what difficulty you played the match on. The specific number of Points for each difficulty level are shown below:

  • Beginner: 1,500
  • Amateur: 1,550
  • Semi-Pro: 1,600
  • Pro: 1,700
  • World Class: 1,800
  • Legendary: 1,900
  • Ultimate: 2,000

Even if you lose, you still get 1,400 Points regardless of which difficulty you pick, so it's definitely worth facing these Squads each week.