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What are player positions?

As mentioned previously, positional links no longer exist, so there is no detriment to having Jude Bellingham lining up in midfield surrounded by players from other leagues and nations. As long as he has links to players in far-flung corners of the pitch, he will get a boost, and even if he doesn’t, he will never play to less than his base stats.

Positions are very important, though. Players have Preferred Positions in FIFA 23, which you can swap them between by applying a Position Change consumable. There is just the one Position Change consumable now, so say goodbye to all our old favourites like RM-RW, CAM-CM and that wily old trickster LWB-LB. Godspeed.

Players must be in a place on the pitch corresponding to their current position in order for any Chemistry boosts to take effect. If you move Jude to striker, for example, he will no longer gain Chemistry boosts or contribute towards his teammates’ boosts, even if he was getting three points at CM. He will just play to his base stats, daydreaming about his future alongside Thiago and Fabinho.

Players can have up to three alternative positions. There are some default options (e.g. RWB and RB), but the  individual players can also have specific variations. EA’s example is that Kylian Mbappe can swap between LW, CF and ST.

You will always be able to use the consumable to swap back and forth between:

  • RB and RWB
  • LB and LWB
  • LM and LW
  • RM and RW
  • ST and CF


Alternative Position View


Alternative positions will be based on two factors: if a player is first choice for their club in that position, or if they have played more than eight games in that position. This should create some interesting squad-building options from day one, and we imagine EA Sports’ Live Content teams will be thinking about how they can use it in future campaigns, too…

Finally, we regret to announce that EA has killed off LF and RF positions. Players in those little-used positions will be converted to CF, and the 4-3-2-1 and 3-4-2-1 formations that had a LF and RF will now have two CF spots. F to pay respect.