Best CAMs in EA FC 24

Find the the attacking midfielders who bring class to your club in EA FC 24 with our list featuring the top 14 CAMs in the game

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CAMs offer top dribbling and passing to create chances for your team. These players aren't just a luxury, they're necessary for scoring goals.

Take Debinha, for instance. She has amazing dribbling and passing, which is boosted by her 5-star skill moves and weak foot.

In EA SPORTS FC 24's Ultimate Team, finding these CAMs and adding them to your squad is a great way to create goal scoring chances. With players like Debinha in your midfield, you'll surely score more goals.

Debinha is one of many great attacking midfielders in EA FC 24. Check out the list below for our top CAMs of 2024, highlighting their upgraded overalls.

Rank Player Name Club Position Overall Pace
#1 Pelé Icon CAM 95 93
#2 Zinedine Zidane Icon CAM 94 83
#3 Ronaldinho Icon LW 94 92
#4 Mia Hamm Icon ST 93 92
#5 Ronaldinho Icon LW 93 91
#6 Bobby Charlton Icon CAM 92 90
#7 Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City CM 92 78
#8 Zico Icon CAM 92 90
#9 Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City CM 91 72
#10 Zico Icon CAM 91 89
#11 Homare Sawa Icon CM 91 84
#12 Roberto Baggio Icon CAM 91 84
#13 Ruud Gullit Icon CF 91 86
#14 Neymar Jr Al Hilal CAM 91 88

CAMs are crucial to getting wins. Adding quality in this position can set you apart from the pack in Weekend League.

If you are looking to find the best CMs for your squad, make sure to check our list for the Best CMs in EA FC 24.



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