Best CBs in EA FC 24

Find the most imposing central defenders in EA FC 24 with our handy list featuring the top 14 CBs in the game

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Having an important CB is one of the most important ways to win games in EA FC 24. Keeping the centre of the pitch locked down will prevent goals being conceded, and these players will help you do just that.

Take Virgil van Dijk, for instance. He has been one of the world's premier defenders for many years now, bolstering the heart of the Liverpool defense en route to Premier League and Champions League titles.

In EA SPORTS FC 24's Ultimate Team, finding these CBs and adding them to your squad is a surefire way of stopping your opponent when playing the different game modes. With players like these in your defense, controlling the box with his Aerial PlayStyle, you are surely going to get a few extra wins in the first Weekend League.

Van Dijk is one of many elite CBs in EA FC 24. Check out the list below for our top CBs of 2024, highlighting their upgraded overalls.

Rank Player Name Club Position Overall Pace
#1 Paolo Maldini Icon CB 92 85
#2 Franco Baresi Icon CB 91 73
#3 Carlos Alberto Icon RB 91 89
#4 Bobby Moore Icon CB 90 70
#5 Lothar Matthäus Icon CM 90 88
#6 Virgil van Dijk Liverpool CB 89 78
#7 Mapi León FC Barcelona CB 89 75
#8 Rúben Dias Manchester City CB 89 62
#9 Vincent Kompany CB 89 81
#10 Alessandro Nesta Icon CB 89 76
#11 Fabio Cannavaro Icon CB 89 80
#12 Carles Puyol Icon CB 89 72
#13 Jürgen Kohler CB 89 71
#14 Lúcio CB 89 82

CBs are critical to winning games in EA FC 24. You'll want to make sure you have two (or even three) quality CBs so there are no gaps in your backline.

If you are looking to find the best young players for your squad, make sure to check our list for the Best Wonderkids in EA FC 24.



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