Best 5 Star Weak Foot Players in EA FC 24

Find the players who shine with both feet in EA FC 24 with our list featuring the top 5 star weak foot players in the game

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Adding a truly two-footed player to your team can unlock games in EA FC 24. By being able to pass and shoot with both feet, players are able to succeed from all angles.

Take Kevin de Bruyne, for instance. Not only is he arguably the best midfielder in the world, his two-footed ability allows him to make passes that others are unable to. Additionally, he can shoot from all angles, catching the goalkeeper unaware.

In EA SPORTS FC 24's Ultimate Team, finding these 5 star weak foot players and adding them to your squad unlocks a new array of possibilities when playing the different game modes. With players like these, you'll become less predictable and find greater success in your passing and shooting with the player's weak foot.

Kevin de Bruyne is one of many players with this ability in EA FC 24. Check out the list below for our top 5 star weak foot players of 2024, highlighting their upgraded overalls.

Rank Player Name Club Position Overall Shooting
#1 Zinedine Zidane Icon CAM 94 90
#2 Ronaldo Icon ST 94 94
#3 Mia Hamm Icon ST 93 93
#4 Johan Cruyff Icon CF 93 91
#5 Bobby Charlton Icon CAM 92 91
#6 Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City CM 91 88
#7 Alexia Putellas FC Barcelona CM 91 90
#8 Zico Icon CAM 91 92
#9 Eusébio Icon CF 91 92
#10 Alexia Putellas FC Barcelona CM 91 90
#11 Harry Kane FC Bayern München ST 91 94
#12 Harry Kane FC Bayern München ST 90 93
#13 Aitana Bonmatí FC Barcelona CM 90 84
#14 Ruud Gullit Icon CF 90 88

Many of these players have strong shooting ability, meaning they'll be banging shots top bins with either foot.

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